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Food Safety Consultancy

Food Safety management and HACCP

Since January 2006, food safety legislation in this country has required every food business to have a documented Food Safety Management System that is based on the principles of HACCP.

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points and is a systematic process for identifying hazards that can occur in your food business, then analysing those hazards to see how likely they are to occur. Once that is understood then it is about putting in place suitable control methods to prevent your food from being unsafe and protecting public health.

A well designed and implemented food safety management system would provide your business with the foundation on which it can build to developing a service that is high quality and above all safe.

Food business owners, operators and managers have struggled with understanding this requirement. They have made half-hearted attempts at developing their own systems or just given up completely.  Without one of these systems in place your business is unlikely to achieve the high audit results and higher star rating that you would desire.

How can RSA help me?

RSA can help food businesses to meet this requirement in a variety of different ways to suit you.  Depending on the complexity of your business, the size of the operation and the amount of money that you want to spend we have the solution to your needs:

Development of a bespoke Food Safety Management / HACCP system.

If you are a large food business, that either operates across multi-sites or has a number of complex processes, then you will need a bespoke HACCP system that would address the specific hazards that affect your business.

Our consultant would spend time at your business, fully understanding it so that they are able to develop a system that meets your needs.  You will have input with regards to the style of the document and the records that you need so that it suits the way you work.

We will provide you with a fully working document that you can then implement into the business.

As part of this process we will then conduct a number of visits across a 6 month period after implementation to ensure that it is being used correctly and working well.  Changes, if required, will be made at this time.

Contact us now to organise a site visit to discuss your needs.


Provision of our Standard Food Safety Management /HACCP system

Over the years we have developed and refined a standard system that suits most non-complex food businesses, mainly in the catering sector.  Our standard system provides you with the quality system that you need at an affordable price. It contains all of the systems and procedures that you would need to be compliant with all aspects of food safety legislation and also to be useable within your business.

The system can be easily updated and, with blank HACCP plans available, more complex processes can be catered for as your business develops over time.  

For most businesses this would require a site visit to help personalise your system, along with some time to train your staff and help to implement the system into your business.

For further information contact us now and speak with our friendly staff.


Assistance with implementing “Safer Food Better Business”

In September 2005, The Food Standards Agencies for England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland launched a number of Food safety Management systems that are based on the principles of HACCP that would enable small food businesses to comply with this legal requirement.

These systems, including “Safer Food Better Business”, were designed to be simple to implement and simple to use, helping to improve standards within the food business concerned.  The systems are specifically designed for small, single-site businesses and not more complex businesses.

We can provide you with a consultant to spend half a day at your business to assist you with completing the system and understanding how to implement it into your food business.  At a later date, we will revisit your premises to ensure you are operating the system correctly.


HACCP training

We offer a number of HACCP training courses accredited by a variety of awarding bodies see In-house training.


Assistance with obtaining accreditation from Third Party Auditors such as SoFTHe, or SOLAS

If you are a small or medium sized manufacturer and you would like everyone to know how much care you take to produce good food then there is a really practical answer to your problem. There is a scheme that helps you to demonstrate compliance of food safety requirements to the authorities and retailers, without the overburdensome need for ‘conventional’ food safety schemes.

With increasing demand for locally sourced products and interest from its members the Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFHT) has established SOFHTe Certification, an innovative web-based approach to managing food safety issues within small and local suppliers.

RSA Environmental Health Ltd is a member of SOFHT and we are able to help your business through the SOFTHe certification scheme. No matter what your starting point is, we would be delighted to speak to you about how we can help you reach the necessary standards and demonstrate that fact through your application. Contact us and speak with an advisor about this opportunity now.

For further information contact us now and speak with our friendly staff.

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