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Food Safety Consultancy

Food Safety and hygiene audits

Sometimes, as a food business, you just need to be told what you are doing wrong and what to do to put it right.  Sometimes it requires a fresh pair of eyes to look at your business to see what you are doing wrong.  In order to improve your standards you need to be aware of your failings. This is where auditing and inspection is an invaluable tool to a food business.

How can RSA help me?

We can assist in a variety of ways by having a suite of tailored auditing solutions that can suit every size of business or budget.

 Full Food Safety and Hygiene Audit.

This audit comes in 2 parts and involves being with your business for a significant period of time depending on the size and complexity of the food service.  Our auditors will look at every aspect of your service to see how compliant you are with current food safety legislation in the UK and also with best hygienic practice.  Areas covered include:

  • Structure
  • Cleanliness
  • Temperature control
  • HACCP/food safety management
  • Cross-contamination controls
  • Pest control
  • Staff training
  • Personal hygiene

After the audit we will then write a detailed report setting out our findings and we will develop a detailed action plan so that you can prioritise those areas that need most improvement.

The second part of the audit process includes the use of ATP bioluminescent swabs which can give a fast result for monitoring food contact and hand contact surfaces to ensure they are being cleaned effectively and bacteria are being removed from these surfaces.  This is the only method available that can quickly and easily demonstrate your cross contamination controls.

At the end of the auditing process we also provide your business with a score, which can then be used as a business KPI so you can monitor progress.

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Basic Food Safety and Hygiene Audit

Similar to our full audit except that in this case the reporting is limited to a simple two page report that would cover the main hazards or deficiencies found during the site visit.  This also includes ATP swabbing.

Ideally suited to smaller and less complex businesses or used as an interim audit tool to ensure that you remain on target.

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ATP/ Bioluminescent Hygiene Audit.

The use of ATP/Bioluminescent swabs to audit the standards of cleaning and disinfection within your food business can be used as a record to demonstrate that you and your staff are able to clean and disinfect effectively.

As recently as March 2011, the Food Standards Agency issued new guidance  to food businesses that stated that effective cleaning and disinfection of food contact equipment and surfaces was the critical control in preventing the spread of E Coli 0157. 

Faster than traditional environmental swabs, ATP produces a measurable result and has the advantage that it can be used as a training tool for staff to understand how different cleaning methods can work.

We would recommend quarterly hygiene audits.

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