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Could I pass the CIEH level 3 HACCP assignment?

The food hygiene regulations say that those responsible for the development and maintenance of a food safety management system in business should have received adequate training in the application of HACCP principles. Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 Annex II Chapter XII para 2.

The question most supervisors and managers ask; I need to comply with the law but could I pass a Level 3 course based on food science?

I have run CIEH Level 3 and a small number of level 4 HACCP courses since they were introduced. I have read many moderators reports and taken each one personally. Managers pursuing CIEH HACCP qualifications to confirm adequate HACCP training often fail to pick up easy marks. The CIEH assignment is not a difficult qualification to gain, but students often waste their time and effort providing the wrong information. This can begin with the very first paragraph.

In the guidance offered on the front page of the candidate’s assignment record (CAR) reference is made to the assignment being: “Supported by appropriate background information’ This statement refers to communicating to the examiner details about the food operation and the premises.

For example: Founded in 19XX, “Well Known Foods” was the first business in the UK to commercialise freshly squeezed orange juice. We remain the UK's market leader in ready-to-eat fresh fruit products, fresh fruit patisserie and drinks for leading UK retailers. Our commitment to innovation and NPD is renowned, as is our investment in our people. “Well Known Foods” employs around 900 people in 5 purpose-built factories, all located at “Any Town”, in the heart of England. My assignment, considers the whole of Factory 5’s operation (fresh fruit patisserie) for “Vanilla and Fig” dairy drink etc.

At this point you can move on to consider the assignments scope, which is where there are more easy marks to be gained. Instead I often find that candidates offer the following background information for which you receive no marks: • Information on HACCP theory • The history of HACCP • Benefits of HACCP No marks are offered for the above information because the assignment’s objective is to confirm the candidate has the ability to translate HACCP theory into a practical scenario, not to repeat what is in the course handbook.

From the examiners standpoint background information is essential, without it the examiner has no way of putting your controls and corrective actions into perspective. It is well worth taking time to provide a concise summary of the food operation and premises.

So to sum up; to ensure your food safety management system is working and maintained adequately it is wise to attend HACCP training. The CIEH level 3 HACCP is easy to pass if you are taught by an experienced trainer; it is ideal for managers and others who are expected to create, develop and maintain HACCP plans.

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Anthony Bowmer, February 2012

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RSA offers courses covering all aspects of Food Safety training as well as Health and Safety Training.

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  • Experience - Many of our trainers have come from a food safety enforcement background. This gives us the advantage of knowing how to deliver the practical safety training that you need, without going over the top.
  • Choice - We deliver a huge range of health and safety training courses, nationally. You can choose from a range of off-the-shelf courses accredited by CIEH and RIPH covering all disciplines of health and safety.
  • Tailored - We can design completely bespoke safety training courses to match your company’s specific needs. We can even design safety videos/DVDs or interactive training courses for you.
  • Cost-effective – For in-house courses we simply charge you for the trainer (and any certificate costs external accrediting bodies may charge). This means you can train lots of staff without incurring large costs.
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