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New European Safety Campaign – Self Test to See How Well Management Involve You in Safety Improvements

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) launched on the 20 April 2012 its new two-year Healthy Workplaces Campaign. The theme is ‘Working together for risk prevention’, which looks at the importance of management leadership and worker participation in improving workplace safety and health.

Business in the UK has been encouraged to involve workers in health and safety for several years following introduction of the Health and Safety (Consultation with Employees) Regulations 1996 supported by HSC’s “Collective Declaration on Worker Involvement”.

Employees Self Test. (Adapted from HSE Research Report RR516)

See how good your managers are at involving you in risk prevention.

Q1. How good are management at informing you about H&S risks you face at work? When was the last time your manager informed you about?

H&S Policy (Informing you of content and changes).
Risk Assessment (via Method Statement etc.)
Procedures for reporting accidents / ill health (e.g. accident book, who to inform etc.)
Changes to work that affect H&S
H&S Performance (e.g. lowest accident rates)
What to do in an emergency
7 marks – deduct 1 mark for each key H&S topic that has not been recently communicated to you.

Q2. Do management give you the opportunity to give your views on?

H&S Policy (Seek input to its development).
Risk Assessment (help in doing it/make comments).
Procedures for reporting accidents / ill health
Changes to work that affect H&S
H&S problems that exist or near misses
Site rules
The way your work gets done.
7 marks – deduct 1 mark for each key H&S topic that has not been recently communicated to you.

Q3. If either you or someone else wishes to give a view on H&S (ask questions; make comments or recommendations; express concerns/report a near miss) do management take any notice?

5 Marks if yes, 0 Marks if no.

Q4. If you or someone else raises issues about H&S, in general, how quickly does management deal with it (tick one box for ‘acknowledge’ i.e. confirmed receiving your view, ‘propose action’ & ‘take action’).

5 Marks if very quick, 4 Marks if quick, 3 Marks if slow, 2 Marks if very slow, -1 if not done.

Q5. If you or someone else has raised any issues about H&S, in general, how satisfied have you been with the action taken by management?

5 Marks if very satisfied, 4 Marks if satisfied, 3 Marks neither way, 2 Marks if dissatisfied, -1 very dissatisfied.

Q6. What influence do you think you have over management’s decisions regarding H&S?

5 Marks if you believe you have power to change a decision

4 Marks if you believe your opinion is taken into account

3 Marks if you believe your opinion is considered sometimes

2 Marks if you believe your opinion is rarely considered

-1 if you believe you have no influence

Q7. Do you think the way management informs you about H&S could be improved?

5 Marks if no, 0 Marks if yes.

Q8. How safe do you feel at work?

5 Marks very safe, 4 Marks if safe, 3 Marks neither way, -1 Marks if unsafe, -5 Marks if very unsafe.

Q9. In general, do others at work, work safely when:

Management are watching
Working unsupervised
5 Marks if work safe whilst unsupervised

-5 Marks if only work safe when management are watching.

Q10. Are you aware of any recommendations made by workers that have improved more than just H&S? (e.g. speeded up work; made things easier; helped improve morale; reduced costs)

6 Marks if yes

-10 Marks if no

Possible total: 55

50 to 55 – Excellent worker involvement.

45 to 49 – Good worker involvement.

40 to 44 – Satisfactory worker involvement

35 to 39 – Barely satisfactory worker involvement

30 to 34 – Unsatisfactory worker involvement.

29 or less – Totally ineffective worker involvement.

If you are disappointed with your score and would like assistance improving management leadership and worker participation in improving workplace safety and health, telephone Kae or Carol on 01933 626444 and ask for an appointment with one of our consultants.

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